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How Do I Know What CBD To Buy? Get The Benefits You Are Paying For...

If you are new to CBD, shopping can become a bit confusing and probably overwhelming... Although you can get CBD almost anywhere now, they aren't all the same. Many of the products on the shelf are falsely labelled, all CBD is NOT made equally.. Here are some of the most important things to look for in a CBD company and product.

1. Do you want THC or NO THC?

If you have to get drug tested for work you may want to be sure there is No THC in your CBD. For a quick reference:

Isolate (No THC) – CBD Isolate is the result of the Hemp plant being extracted to it's purest form removing other compounds including cannabinoids and THC.

Broad Spectrum (No THC) – The Hemp plant is extracted leaving all naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes flavonoids, vitamins, and fatty acids.

Full Spectrum (up to 0.3% THC) and about 99.99% of our P39 full spectrum CBD products are tested at No Detection of THC. – Also leaving in all naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes flavonoids, vitamins, and fatty acids. Full Spectrum CBD is the most powerful of these 3 common types of CBD. With Full Spectrum you may find small traces of THC but with the legal limit being 0.3%, this is not enough to get you high.

2. How do you prefer to consume your CBD?

There are many ways to take CBD, here are some brief explanations of their benefits:

Tincture (CBD Oil or Drops) - This is the most common way that people with ailments begin with CBD because it is easy to find the right dosage for your body. With the tinctures you can titrate up until you find your sweet spot. This should be done every 3 days or so, just increase by a ¼ or ½ dropper 2 or 3 x’s daily. You may need to increase your milligrams as well, you will not overdose on CBD as it is natural.

Capsules - Capsules are convenient because they travel easily and are pre-dosed. These are great if you prefer no taste to your CBD.

Gummies - Gummies are the most popular way for people to take their CBD because they are pre-dosed, fruity like candy and convenient. Gummies stay in your system a little longer because it goes through your digestive system like food does.

Vaping or Smoking - Convenient and easy to dose yourself. Although vaping or smoking anything may not be great for your lungs.

3. Where should I purchase my CBD?

CBD is one of the fastest growing industries right now and getting even bigger. That being said, you see CBD popping up everywhere now. Even at the gas station… Convenient yes but all CBD is not the same and you need to read your label. Check your label carefully, Hemp Oil is not CBD Oil. Hemp oil is made from only the seeds of the plant and has little to no CBD content. CBD Oil is made from the entire plant and where you get the amazing health benefits and cannabidiol.

4. Do Not Buy CBD Without A COA (Certificate of Analysis)

A certificate of analysis is a 3rd party test result showing the accuracy of your product. Be sure to purchase CBD from a company that is transparent with their Certificate of Analysis (COA). On the COA you will be able to see that the potency is accurate and that there are no pesticide or harsh chemicals. If that is not readily available to you as a consumer than I would say a hard pass on that purchase.. Their website should tell you how to read them as well. Otherwise you can research online, it’s not too hard to read.

5. Have Patience…

Every time you begin a new supplement regimen it take time to build up in your system, so does CBD. Some people will see fast results with say anxiety or stress. If you are using topicals you will see fast results but if you have chronic pain, it may take a bit to get where you need to be. You may need to increase dosages or milligrams. Be patient.

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