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Benefits Of Taking CBD Gummies

If you are new to taking CBD this may be the way for you to begin. Our CBD Gummies are convenient to take and taste just like candy with a sugary kick. Gummies are precisely dosed so you always know that you are taking the correct dosage and take the guesswork out of using a dropper. So, if the dosing confuses you or you just don't care for the taste of CBD tinctures then you would probably prefer gummies. As far as the health benefits, there is no difference.

Gummies vs Tinctures

  • Yummy fruity flavor

  • Convenient

  • Pre-dosed

  • Looks like a regular Gummy Bear (privacy in taking CBD)

Benefits of CBD

There are so many benefits to taking CBD, both ingested and as a topical. CBD Oil comes directly from the hemp plant which is in the family of the marijuana plant but hemp is not psychoactive. Meaning it will not get you high... CBD Oil is not Hemp Oil. CBD comes from the entire hemp plant where you receive all the healing benefits from all of the cannabinoids, hemp oil comes from only the seeds of the hemp plant where there are not any cannabinoids. Although hemp oil has it's own benefits, it is not CBD and will not give you the same benefits or entourage effect within your body.

  • Supports well-being and overall health

  • Helps relieve pain and inflammation

  • Reduces blood pressure

  • Helps relieve nerve pain

  • Supports normal neurological function

  • Helps balance the body

  • Helps relieve anxiety and stress

  • Helps with nausea and vomiting

  • Treats skin conditions

  • Contains omega 3, 6, 9 and amino acids

  • So much more...

What Do Cannabinoids Do??

These are just a few of the cannabinoids found in your CBD with their benefits. You will only find these in your Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum products because the Isolates are stripped of everything but the purest form of CBD.

Be sure to purchase your gummies from a reputable company because some gummies are merely coated with CBD which leaves the chance that you aren't receiving all the benefits. Always be sure there is a Certificate of Analysis available on every CBD product you purchase. As always you should consult your physician before taking any new daily supplements.

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