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Discounts Available

Veterans & Active-Duty Military = 20% Off

Doctors, Nurses, First Responders (Police Officers, Fire Fighters, EMT/PMD), Teachers, Seniors 65+ = 15% Off

If you have a job that hands on helps others, please let us know what that is so we can get a discount to you. 

Please email us a copy of your ID showing us that you qualify for your discount code.

You can do this via email @

If you are not able to do this please call us @ 833-739-4584.

P39 offers an income-based program. This program is for individuals or families that have someone who is in need of our CBD products but just can't afford them. We are here to help. Please click the link below and fill out the necessary information.

Send it to

Please be as detailed as possible so that we may get you all the assistance we can. If you prefer to black out your picture and/or other information we don't need, that is perfectly fine. 

Please call us if you need assistance filling out the form @ 833-739-4584

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