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CBD Tinctures vs Gummies

Many people prefer the taste of the CBD Gummies over the Tinctures because there is less or no hemp taste to them. Having so many ways to take CBD, both are a great way to begin your journey into the CBD world.

Gummies and tinctures have a much longer effect on your body than vaping and you're not adding extra stress to your lungs. If you want to begin at a small dose and nervous about whether or not you are taking the right dosage, then gummies are probably the best way for you to go. Gummies come in smaller dosages and they are pre-dosed. If you are wanting to begin your CBD journey more aggressively due to major pain or anxiety then the tinctures are the way to go for you.

The most efficient and longer lasting way to consume your CBD is sublingual, under the tongue, a tincture. Tinctures do not need to break in your system before working like gummies do. When using the under the tongue method (sublingual) it begins targeting your specific areas within minutes. Now taking a gummies is much more flavorful than the tincture, even if you purchase it with flavor to it. It's a personal preference I guess. I take them both, I take our SLEEP at bedtime which is also giving me the health benefits as well as a great night sleep and the gummies during the day. I take the gummies because they seem to work much better for my anxiety when it comes on. I take 1 gummie and sometimes 2 but within 20 minutes or so I forgot I had anxiety...

Now, one major misconception is that if you will see results immediately. If you have a more sever condition and looking for CBD to assist with a chronic condition or more serious illness it needs time to work but if you have a migraine, anxiety, minor pain or inflammation it can definitely have a quicker response in your body. I personally use our freeze cream on my forehead and neck for my migraines, it's amazing! When results aren't seen immediately don't give up because as with any supplement it sometimes takes a bit to get into your system. See our dosage chart under our resource page for assistance.

As always talk to your physician before beginning any supplements to your daily routine.

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