Restore A Healthy Balance With CBD

We only sell the “Highest Quality – Premium Grade” CBD Oils.  Our products are manufactured using a solvent-free CO2 extraction process. Our CBD Oil is extracted from organically grown US hemp that is phyto cannabinoid-rich and also contains amino acids and omega 3, 6, and 9's.

CBD Oils

Our Premium Grade CBD Oil provides the naturally derived profile of the hemp plant and promotes an entourage effect. This is the result from the entire hemp plant and it's cannabinoids interacting with your bodies endocannabinoid system.

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Full Spectrum - Broad Spectrum - Isolate - CBG 






3500mg (coming soon)

 Pricing:   $54.99 - $114.99

Can I Add CBD To My

Food or Drinks?

Most definitely you can add CBD to just about anything. Salad dressings, oil based nuts, salads, coffee, smoothies, protein shakes and soo much more.... By adding CBD to your favorite foods and drinks it adds an extra boost of health & nutrition. You can even bake with CBD for that sweet tooth or add really to any meal. Although, CBD doesn't do well in high temperatures. Anything over 350 degrees and your CBD begins to lose its potency. Just add your desired dosage to just about anything you wish... Enjoy! 

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CBD Tinctures vs Gummies

Many people prefer the taste of the CBD Gummies over the Tinctures because there is less or no hemp taste to them. Having so many ways to take CBD, both are a great way to begin your journey into the CBD world. Although, the most efficient and longer lasting way to consume your CBD is sublingual under the tongue.

What Our Customers Say About Our Tinctures 

Ryan Forseman
Thanks P39. I'm glad we found you!

I'm on my second tincture bottle from P39 and just ordered the Peppermint 1000mg for my wife who is going through some hormonal issues that ladies generally have. I myself have nerve pains that shoot throughout my body related to fibromyalgia and pre-cancerous cells on my lips. The dermatologist has been useless after ten visits. I'm happy to report that the nerve pain is less and these white pre-cancerous cells on my lips are getting smaller. I've been cheating and rubbing the tincture drops into my lips; soothing on dry lips also. Thanks P39. I'm glad we found you!

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