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Everything you need to learn about CBD...

  • What is CBD?
    CBD (Cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid, which is part of the hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa). It is being used in different therapeutic treatments targeting respective illnesses or conditions. It is also beginning to be used in skin care, hair care and many more products. There are many health benefits with CBD!
  • How long has CBD been around?
    It is said that CBD dates back to 2737 BC when Chinese Emperor Sheng Nung used a cannabis-infused tea for a variety of ailments including, malaria, gout , rheumatism, and memory. It has been used throughout all of these years as a therapeutic property and much research has been done by scientists already. Nothing was ever published because of the stigma of the cannabis plant at the time. Even Queen Victoria back in the 1900’s used it for her menstrual cycle. Cool huh? CBD was actually discovered around 20 years before THC was discovered. Research is progressing and CBD is becoming the popular thing. People are beginning to learn about the amazing benefits of CBD which has never been shared with us. CBD is here to stay!!!
  • Will CBD make me feel or get high?
    No, CBD does not have any psychoactive effects like Marijuana.
  • How do I Choose The Right Dosage?
    The dosage really depends on the concentration, body weight, desired effect and tolerance. Depending on if you are using CBD to help you sleep, a headache, back aches, stress or a more serious illness or ailment. It is recommended to go by the bottle directions and increase your dosage as you feel best according to what it takes for your body to feel the desired effect. Because CBD in not toxic, this has no known side effects of overdosing or anything like that. It is generally more beneficial to you and the best way to achieve your results of your CBD.
  • Will CBD CURE me?
    CBD has not been proven as this point to cure anything. Unfortunately, there have been very misleading and false information displayed online and in articles about CBD products which has lead consumers like you to believe it will. So don’t put off your doctors appointment, medical care is very important! Talk with your doctor about your diagnosis and recommended treatment options. Ask him/her what is best for you and if they think CBD would be a good addition to your daily treatment plan.
  • Is ALL CBD the same?
    NO! The FDA has done some research of different products being sold today and found that not all of them contain the levels and quality of CBD that the product claims to have. As well as finding products that contain pesticides and heavy metals. Always make sure you check out the company and brand you are purchasing from!
  • Is Hemp Oil the same as CBD Oil?
    NO! Hemp Oil is made from the small seeds of the Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) plant and CBD is made from the entire plant (stalk, leaves, seeds, etc.) I know… Hemp Oil, CBD Oil, Hemp Extract, this can all get confusing. Just remember that if it doesn’t say CBD Oil, Cannabidiol, CBD Drops, PCR (Phyto cannabinoid Rich) Hemp Oil or extract then your are more than likely not getting the entourage effect of the cannabinoids and it is more than likely just Hemp Seed Oil.
  • What is the "Entourage Effect"?"
    Oh yes… I am sure if you have been researching about CBD you have come across the "Entourage Effect” quite a bit! Well, to put it plain and simple – It is the synergistic interaction of the cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and fatty acids naturally found in the hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa) and the human body.
  • Will I test positive on drug tests if I use CBD products?
    It depends. If you are using an Isolate or a Broad Spectrum CBD then No. They do not contain THC. Full Spectrum CBD usually has up to 0.3% THC. Now, depending on how much CBD you are ingesting will determine whether or not it shows up on a THC screening. If you are using a high dosage of say over 2,000mg a day then it is possible, unlikely but possible that it could cause a “false-positive” reading on your drug test. Therefore, if you are worried about it then you should use a Isolate or Broad Spectrum CBD.


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The Hemp Plant Holds An Enormous Amount Of Nutrition
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