Our Family and Your Family is why we do what we do.

Mom's Story

Mom was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis in August of 2017, a now treatable (with medication) neuromuscular disease.


She went through constant testing and treatments all based on that diagnosis, physical therapy treatments aimed at strengthening her muscles proved ineffective and frustrating.

By Christmas 2017, mom had lost 90% of her mobility. Confined to a wheelchair, her hands were unable to squeeze the therapy sponges and she was unable to lift her arms more than a few inches. It was during this time that we were introduced to CBD. 


We gave mom her first dose of 1000mg CBD. Not sure what to expect, I pulled out my phone to video her after 15 minutes. We were absolutely amazed!! She was able to completely compress the sponges! Not only that, she was able to raise her arms up to near shoulder height. 


Laughter, Tears and Astonishment!


By February 2018 it was realized that she was misdiagnosed. Mom passed in March 2018 with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). She was one of the strongest and most beautiful women this world has ever known! Mom is extremely missed by all her family and friends.... She will continue to touch lives through P39!


We are forever grateful for being introduced to CBD, and how it helped our mom! This is why we made the decision to begin a journey of health and wellness with P39 Enterprise. We are passionate about what we do and the quality of products we sell. We are committed to providing only the best CBD products available because we know firsthand how it can benefit and improve people’s health and lives! 


We are pleased to share Mom's story, thanks for reading...


“To develop and provide health and wellness products that target specific health conditions, diseases, disorders and improves the quality of life and health of others. To educate and raise global awareness of the health issues that affect us all, to build  powerful alliances and partnerships within our communities in addressing them.”

Why P39

The ‘P’ represents pureness, clean, unmodified, organic (the basis of our products)


The ‘3’ reminds us that we are born of human and divine elements; our health is holistic in that we must care for our body, mind, and soul.


The ‘9’ symbolizes our humanitarian vision, our strong desire to improve the lives of others, and our compassionate inclination in assisting humankind.

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