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Our creams and gels are easy and convenient to use. With our Premium Grade CBD, these products bind to our CB2 receptors to provide instant relief to aches, discomforts, stiffness, joints, muscles, and much more! Contains soothing menthol and is greaseless, stainless and has a vanishing scent.



Intense Relief

Instant Freeze Cream



  • CBD and Cryotherapy (cold therapy) combined to deliver fast-acting relief
  • Soaks deep into the skin for quick relief
  • Relieves strained, stiff, sore muscles - Instant relief of leg, hip, back, shoulder and neck discomfort
  • Soothing menthol, greaseless, and vanishing scent

Uniquely formulated, P39 CBD  Intense Relief Instant Freeze Cream brings pure CBD and Cryotherapy (cold therapy) together to deliver fast-acting relief. Perfect for soothing muscle aches, joint discomforts, sore, and strained muscles. Freeze Cream is a topical soother blended to penetrate quickly and offer non-additive targeted relief at the point of discomfort. It contains soothing menthol and is greaseless, stainless and has a vanishing scent.

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